October 18, 2011

FREE - Blackberry apps

RIM is giving away $100 worth of premium Blackberry apps starting tomorrow.   This is meant as compensation for their recent service interruption.   See the RIM press release for the full story.

Some of the free apps are :

• SIMS 3 - El3ctronic Arts
• Bejeweled - El3ctronic Arts
• N.O.V.A. - Gameloft
• Texas Hold’em Poker 2 - Gameloft
• Bubble Bash 2 - Gameloft
• Photo Editor Ultimate - Ice Cold Apps
• DriveSafe.ly Pro - iSpeech.org
• iSpeech Translator Pro - iSpeech.org
• Drive Safe.ly Enterprise - iSpeech.org
• Nobex Radio™ Premium - Nobex
• Shazam Encore - Shazam
• Vlingo Plus: Virtual Assistant - Vlingo

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