October 20, 2011

Saving Money With Online Clothing Discounts

In the past few weeks I've bought a pair of pants from Dickies for $7 and a pair of jeans from Lands End for $11.   Both items were bought on a clearance sale and the shipping was free.   All I did to buy the pants was to watch online sales sites for deals.    Paying $18 for two pairs of pants is pretty significant savings over the typical retail prices.   I figure $30 is a typical price to pay for mens pants so I saved about 70%.

Slickdeals.net routinely features discount sales and promo coupon codes for online clothing merchants.  
They have a sub-section on Slickdeals for apparel

As I write this Slickdeals is featuring some MLB shirts at Amazon for $5.40.   Only some teams and sizes are $5.40 though.

With a little patience you can really find some great clothing bargains online.

Here's some example bargains found on Slickdeals.net
Womens Jeans at JCPenney's for $5.76
Micro Suede Jacket for $12.79 also at JCP
Suit coat or slacks at Mens' Wearhouse for $20 or $30
Coldwater Creek half off sale with Jackets for $10, Pants for $5.50, sweaters for $7.50, etc.

I'm sure there are other sites that feature online discounts.    Another way to go is to watch the clearance section on the retailers you prefer. 

Here are a few keys to finding great deals while doing online discount clothes shopping.

Be selective

You don't want to buy clothes just because they are on sale.  The best way to go about online bargain clothes shopping is to know what you want before you go shopping then hunt and wait for a sale.   I bought those two pairs of pants because I needed pants.   Don't fall into the trap of buying things because they are 80% off or because the prices are great.   Spending $5 on a pair of pants is only a good deal if you need the pants in the first place. 

You have to be patient

It takes some time to wait for a good clearance and then find something you like that is your size.  If you're looking for mens jeans then it may take a few weeks before some suitable jeans go on sale. 

You have to be fast

Usually the clearance sales don't last long.  The best items in the more popular sizes get sold first.   You may lose out if you don't watch the sales and then quickly make a purchase the day that you see the deal.   Yesterday Slickdeals featured some clearance sales items at Kohl's.    They had 7 different mens shirts for $2.60 or $3.00 each.   Now only 1 of the 7 styles is still in stock and they only have a couple and colors and they don't have my size.   

Watch the shipping charges.   

The shipping can range greatly across online merchants.   Free shipping is pretty common as a promotional deal.   But if the sale doesn't include shipping then make sure to figure out the shipping charge and add it to the cost to make sure your deal is really a good deal when shipping is included.   Some stores will also give you free 'in store pickup' which is where the merchant ships the item to the local branch of their store and then you go to that location and pick it up in person.   This is a way to avoid shipping but it also requires you to make an extra trip spending both your time and gasoline.

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