September 6, 2011

Net worth Update : August 2011

I track my net worth on NetworthIQ.

We ended August 2011 with a net worth of $651,471.   That is a decrease of $7,207 since my last update which was for April

I haven't done an update for a few months.   I just got busy and never got around to it.   I'm not sure if I'll return to monthly updates or if I'll do them quarterly or sporadically.

We haven't had any major changes in our finances in the past few months.   The changes in our net worth are mostly due to the stock market and real estate markets volatility.

The longer term trend is barely positive over the past 12 months.   Unfortunately our real estate assets have dropped quite a bit (about 12%) in the past year and that has been a major drag on our net worth.

Here's the 12 month change in each major asset class :

August 2011 vs August 2010:
Cash + $26,373
Retirement + $24,113
Real estate - $63,900
Debt - $17,030

Cash, retirement and mortgage debt are all going in the right direction.  Unfortunately the drop in real estate has wiped out most of that in the past 12 months.

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