September 23, 2011

My TransRisk Credit Score is 820

One of my credit cards has a free feature where I can see my TransRisk credit score.   The TransRisk score is from the TransUnion credit bureau.  Its not the same as a FICO, but its supposed to be similar.    The TransRisk has a different formula and range of scores than the FICO scores.   As you can see it maxes over 900 which is higheer than the FICO max so 820 on TransUnion is not equal to 820 on a FICO, but its still good.

Suffice it to say my score is pretty high and I'm happy with that.   I am not generally worried about my credit score as long as its in the 700+ range.   However I do want to make sure the score stays fairly high cause that will help us keep our insurance rates lower and help us get the best % rate on a mortgage if when we do buy our next home.

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