March 15, 2011

Celebrity Salaries

Ever wonder how much movie and TV stars make?   Parade Magazine has a list of celebrity incomes.  

Here is the list of personalities and their incomes:

Celebrity Income in Millions
Oprah   $     315
Michael Jackson's estate  $     275
Tyler Perry  $     125
AC/DC  $     114
Johnny Depp  $     100
Beyonce  $       87
Dr. Phil McGraw  $       80
Jay Z  $       63
Lady Gaga  $       62
Sandra Bullock  $       56
Ellen DeGeneres  $       55
Ryan Seacrest  $       51
Donald Trump  $       50
Judge Judy Sheindlin  $       45
Taylor Lautner  $    33.5
Charlie Sheen  $       30
Kristen Stewart  $    28.5
Leonardo DiCaprio  $       28
Robert Pattinson  $    27.5
Daniel Radcliffe  $       25
Chelsea Handler  $       19

They also say that Natalie Portman made a "high six figure" salary for her role in Black Swan.   They also list Mark Zuckerberg but they just give his net worth from his ownership stake in Facebook.  

I'm not too surprised by the list in general.  

The top 5 earners aren't a surprise.   Oprah, Michael Jackson, Tyler Perry, AC/DC & Johnny Deep are all major stars that I can easily see pulling in lots of money.  

I would say that I'm a little surprised that Judge Judy and Dr. Phil make so much.   I'm also a little surprised that Leonardo DiCaprio makes "only" $28M.   Not that $28M is anything to sneeze at but he's a pretty big star and had two major roles this past year, so I would have thought he'd make a bit more.

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