April 15, 2010

Tax Day FREEbies

Totally free stuff today April 15th tax day:

Starbucks : Free brewed coffee all day if you bring your own mug.

Cinnabon : 2 free bite sized cupcakes from 6pm to 8pm

Taco Del Mar:  Offering a free taco via a coupon they will send you if you register at their website

Maggie Moo's : Free icecream pizza slice from 3pm to 7pm

Taco, cup of coffee and 2 bite sized cupcakes sounds like a free meal to me.

Other discount offers :

Boston Market : Buy 1 Get 1 free coupon good April 15 Thursday to April 18 Sunday

P.F. Changs :  get 15% off food purchases

McCormick & Schmick's : $10.40 specials in the bar, plus a $10.40 gift certficate for future visit

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