April 28, 2010

Broken Down Lawnmower & Hassle Free Black and Decker service

The bad news:  My lawnmower up and stopped working all the sudden recently.  It is a cordless electric mower (Black & Decker model CMM1200) and it simply stopped working abruptly.  I first thought that the battery might have just died, so I connected the charger to it for a long while but that didn't help.

The good news: Luckily for me the 2 year warranty still had a few days in it so I was able to get it repaired entirely free of charge.  YAY.

The warranty and repair process with Black and Decker was very easy and hassle free.   My wife took the mower to the repair center and dropped it off.   They didn't require a receipt or give us any hassle about the repair.   They called us a few days later to tell us the mower was fixed and ready for pick up.   Simple as that. 

Newer versions of the cordless mower from B&D can be had for about $350 nowadays and I was afraid that it would be entirely dead and I'd have to replace it.   I could get a normal electric mower with a cord for much less, probably around $150 to $200.   But I really enjoy having a cordless electric lawnmower since I don't have to fight the electric cord while mowing the lawn.  I figure that not having to deal with the extension cord saves me 10-20 minutes and quite a bit of annoying hassle while mowing my fairly small lawn.   That is absolutely worth the extra cost of a cordless model to me.   I also generally like electrics since they save money on gas and don't spew out as much pollution.

My previous electric lawnmower had lived around 10 years and was still working fine when I gave it to a relative.    This one worked perfectly for nearly 2 years without any issues.   Overall I've had much less problems with the electric mowers that I've owned than the gas powered mowers that I used growing up.   The gas powered mowers have many more moving parts that could potentially fail.   The electric mowers are essentially little more than a basic electric motor which is not as prone to failure.   Of course this is more my opinion based more on personal experiences.   I'm not sure what the exact failure rates are for electric versus gas mowers but my opinion is electrics are more reliable.

So while I was momentarily annoyed that my mower broke down I ended up with a very positive experience with the Black and Decker warranty & repair service.   I give Black and Decker a thumbs up.

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