April 7, 2010

Restaurant Email Club Example Savings

I was digging through my inbox lately to delete old emails and generally clean it up.    I came across a whole bunch of emails from Red Lobster.   I signed up for their emails a while back to see what kind of deals you can get from them.   I haven't actually taken advantage of any off their offers as the Red Lobster here is a ways away from our house.   But since I had a bunch of the emails dating back several months I decided to skim through them.   This serves as an example of how signing up for a restaurant email club can save you money.

Here is an example of the coupons & discount offers that I got from Red Lobster via their emails:

March 23: $4 off any two adult dinner entrees or $3 off any two adult lunch entrees
Jan 19th:  $4 off any two adult dinner entrees or $3 off any two adult lunch entrees
Jan 5 : 3 course meal for 2 for $29.99
Dec 10th : $4 off any two adult dinner entrees or $3 off any two adult lunch entrees
Nov 30th :  $5 off any two adult dinner entrees
Oct 6th :  $4 off any two adult dinner entrees or $3 off any two adult lunch entrees

The coupon deals generally last about 1 month.   If you signup for Red Lobster's email newsletter then  you will probably have a coupon sitting in your inbox at any given time good for $4-$5 off of a dinner.

Of course Red Lobster is not a very cheap place to eat.   Most of their entrees are in the $20-$30 range.  But if you're a fan of Red Lobster and or wanting to treat yourself to a nice dinner out then signing up for their emails would be a good way to cut $4-$5 off the bill.

How much you save at a restaurant will depend on the restaurant in question of course.  


  1. I like the idea of a separate email account for merchandisers/restaurants, so that all those emails are consolidated in one place. Now, I haven't yet done that, but will get to it:)

    Anyway, some places go beyond good discounts and give you a free meal on your birthday. Its usually valid for a week to a month after. If a place is reasonable and has good customer service, they might be more flexible as well.

    For my last birthday, I managed to use two of them within a week or so. These weren't overly expensive places, so my total savings from getting "free" meals was about $15 to $20.

    Additionally, I of course like getting the coupons to which you refer. Lots of good stuff is available for minimal effort, and that's the key for me.

  2. Squirrelers, those are all good points. Having a separate email for such stuff is a good idea to help keep your mail less cluttered.


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