August 19, 2008

Updown update = up 5.23%

A while ago I mentioned that I was playing the market on Well since I signed up I've done fairly good in my opinion. Since starting in March I'm beating the S&P 500 by 7.59%. My portfolio is up 5.23% and the S&P is down -2.36%. Annualized my current return rate is 12.89%. Updown also pays users if they beat the S&P. I've received payments for two months so far. In June and July I made $0.36. The money is not much but playing the game is still fun. Its also valuable learning experience in picking stocks without the risk of actual loses.

If you're interested in picking stocks then I'd recommend giving UpDown a try to use as a testing ground for your stock picking strategies. Keep in mind that experiences over a short period like a few days, weeks or months is not really going to give you a clear picture of how well you might do.

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