August 29, 2008

Consider the cost of insurance when car shopping.

An article from Reuters early this hear reports the 10 highest and 10 lowest cars to insure.

The top 4 most expensive cars to insure are:

  1. Dodge Ram Pickup
  2. Chevy Silverado C/K pickup
  3. Toyota Prius
  4. Honda Accord
The least expensive are:
  1. Chrysler Town & Country
  2. Ford Escape
  3. GMC Sierra pickup
  4. Chevrolet Impala
A number of factors can cause a car to be more or less costly to insure. Main factors would be the rate of theft, high repair costs, or higher instance of medical costs in accidents.

Its hard to get exact figures on the cost of insuring cars. Once source I know is the Total Cost of Ownership data cited on Yahoo's Auto pages. So I'll look there for some insurance cost figures:
The 2008 Chevy Impala will run $1203 for the first year. On the other hand a 2008 Toyota Prius is $1333. and a 2008 Dodge Ram pickup 4x2 is $1411.

So you could spend $100 or $200 more on insurance based just on the model of car you drive.

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