August 17, 2008

Suze Orman FICO kit for 20% off until August 31

MyFICO is running a sale on the Suze Orman FICO kit.

20% off Suze Orman FICO Kit; use promo: SUZEFKP

The promo code is good until August 31st.

The Suze Orman Kit comes with FICO scores for all 3 major credit bureaus. Individually those scores cost $16 to get or $48 for all 3. So getting the Suze kit for 20% off would be about $40 or about $8 savings just for the scores. Suze's kit also has other features on top of just the FICO scores.

I have not used the Suze Orman kit myself.

I do try and use the site which is the one setup by the credit bureaus themselves to give you one free credit report a year. Its good to check your free credit report annually to be sure your information is correct. It is also good idea to keep an eye out for unauthorized activity that is a sign of identity theft. However the annual credit report site only gives you credit reports which are not the same as your credit score. You can only get the FICO credit scores by paying. Take note though that is the only authorized source and other sites might try to look like it and are just selling products.

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