December 21, 2015

ShopYourWay Points - I Got $165 Worth of Stuff at Sears / Kmart for $37

I've been a ShopYourWay (SYW) rewards member for a while but not really used it too much.   A long while ago we bought an appliance at Sears and I signed up then because they had a deal where you get something like $50 in SYW points for spending over some threshold amount like $300 or similar.   I just cashed in the $50 on something and then didn't think about it for years after.  

Lately I signed up for PureTalk and got a SYW bonus for that.   I also got a $10 bonus from some other purchase I made in a promotional deal.    I turned around and had about $28 in points all the sudden and then I saw some "surprise points" show up on my account good for a limited time promotional deal.    I think they also had a coupon or something plus they were offering free shipping if you spend $35 or more.   I used my points and got $37.13 worth of clothes.

Then I saw a thread on Fatwallet about several items being sold at Sears with 100% points cash back (now expired).  In other words if you pay $x for the item you'd get $x points.  Thats like getting the items for free basically, but you get your cash back in points.   You can find a list of current weekly member deals for Sears and a list for Kmart too.

I bought $57.46 worth of stuff and I spent $45.87 out of pocket.    I got a 32 GB and 16GB microSD cards for our cell phones.  I got an HP mobile wireless mouse and HP keyboard too.   I paid using my Discover card which is currently offering 5% promo cash at Sears and they have 10% discount deal as well so I ought to net about $6.88 cashback too.  That makes my actual costs about $38.99 net.

I then noticed I had more surprise points to spend on a deal as well.   I bought another $35.13 worth of clothes and then I also got $35.96 worth of paper towels at Kmart.   For those I will also got $1.08 and $1.05 cash back from Ebates.    This makes my total net cost just $36.86.

In total I got about $165 worth of merchandise for just under $37.    Some of that stuff isn't worth the full price to me.  I don't really need an HP keyboard so that wasn't really worth spending money on.   The paper towels I got are definitely worth the money I paid on those.   I'm using the 32GB card but I could have gotten that for around $9 versus the $20 price Sears had.   All the clothing was certainly a good deal for the prices.   Between the paper towels and the micro SD I definitely got my moneys worth.   So its more like I bought an SD and a pile of paper towels for ~$37 and I got ~$70 worth of clothes, a 16GB SD, a keyboard and a mouse for free.

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