December 23, 2015

Couples Should Buy Two Tubes Of Toothpaste

Do you squeeze the toothpaste from the end or do you do it wrong and squeeze from the middle   Do you fail to put the cap back on the tube when you're done like some sort of half crazed Visigoth?   If you and your significant other does these things differently then you may have some squabbles about the topic.   Its one of things couples fight about (youtube link)  If you're not openly fighting about it then it may be brewing resentment that will explode in a few years.    Its probably an uphill losing battle to change these kinds of habits.   Maybe you're trying and failing.   But why live with the problem at all when you don't have to?

So... buy two tubes so you each have your own.  Problem solved.   You're welcome.

With just one tube you may end up bickering over how its used.   With two tubes you can use your toothpaste however you see fit and it won't give your wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend anything to argue about.   Its that easy to fix this problem, yet people seem not to do it.   Plus as an added bonus you can also each pick your own preferred flavors or variety of toothpaste.

And one of the best parts about using two tubes simultaneously doesn't cost you any more than using one tube at a time.   Each of you will use the paste as fast as you use it then buy another.   Toothpaste isn't going to expire on you either.   Theres no financial downside to buying two tubes.

Granted this exactly nobel prize worthy idea and I'm sure many of you out there already have your own tube of toothpaste.   But I'm sure theres lots of people who share a tube for no specific reason.   And doing so can cause unnecessary, easily avoided friction.

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