December 16, 2015

$100 SYW Credit for $38 Via Transfering Tracfone to PureTalk

I noticed the ad pictured on the right when I was on the Kmart website.    Its saying if you transfer your cell phone to PureTalk they'll give you $100 ShopYourWay credit.   I've actually been using PureTalk for my own cell phone most of this year and I'm happy with them myself.   But here's a thought... you could get a cell phone like cheaply with Tracfone, transfer that line to PureTalk and cash out the $100 credit.   I figure you could do this for as little as  $35.

Note I have NOT tested this and its just theory.   However I don't see why it won't work.

1. Buy a Tracfone and minimal service.  Theres a $10 phone on Amazon.   You can get then get 30 minutes of airtime online at Tracfone for $10.   Thats $20 total for the Tracfone.
2. Activate your Tracfone and get your new phone number.
3. Transfer your service to PureTalk and sign up for their $5 plan.   The SIM is $3.
4. Pay for the PureTalk plan for 3 months.
5. After 3 months you should qualify for the $100 SYW credit.

Total cost $38 for $100 SYW credit.

* edit - I forgot to mention that you'd also have to have a phone compatible with PureTalk.  You can't generally use Tracfone phones as they don't have SIMs.   But any phone compatible with PureTalk would work.

I might try this myself but I have a PureTalk account right now and the deal is only good for new PureTalk service, so I think I'm probably disqualified.

Here is the fine print on the $100 offer :

$100 bonus point offer valid from 8/1/15 - 12/31/15. $100 Bonus point offer only valid for new Pure TalkUSA service when porting your current cell phone number from your current provider over to Pure TalkUSA. $100 in bonus points will be posted to your Shop Your Way account after your third billing cycle with Pure TalkUSA. $100 offer cannot be combined with other promotional offers and is not stackable. The ongoing 5% back in points every month is based on qualifying purchases, excluding sales taxes and other fees. By accepting Shop Your Way member benefits and offers, you agree to the Shop Your Way terms and conditions, available at Use of the term "partner" in these materials is intended to convey a valued business relationship and does not indicate the existence of a legal partnership, joint agency or other relationship involving shared ownership or shared liability with Sears Holdings Corporation or any of its affiliates.
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