June 26, 2011

State Government Employees by Function

State governments employ millions of people in a variety of roles. 

The U.S. Census has data on state and local government employment.  I used the 2007 State Government data to compile the information here.  In 2007 state governments had 4,306,623 full time equivalent (FTE) employees.   FTE employees is a combination of full time and part time. 

 Here is the list of the full time equivalent employees by function for all states combined :

Full-time equivalent Employment
Financial Administration 172,684
Other Government Administration 56,382
Judicial and Legal 173,021
Police Protection Total 106,595
--Police Officers Only 67,159
--Other Police Employees 39,436
Corrections 470,464
Highways 236,758
Air Transportation 3,330
Water Transport and Terminals 4,968
Public Welfare 235,305
Health 183,275
Hospitals 417,113
Social Insurance Administration 79,165
Solid Waste Management 1,928
Sewerage 1,748
Parks and Recreation 34,768
Natural Resources 145,114
Water Supply 704
Electric Power 4,040
Transit 33,079
Education Total 1,740,222
Elementary & Secondary Education Total        52,143
--Elem & Sec Instructional 39,139
--Elem & Sec Other 13,004
Higher Education Total 1,596,652
--Higher Ed Instructional 522,198
--Higher Ed Other 1,074,454
Other Education 91,427
Libraries 601
State Liquor Stores 7,813
All Other and Unallocable 197,546

Here's how the major functional groups look as far as percent of total employment :

You can see that higher education and education in general is the largest segment of state government employment.   The next largest area of employment is corrections (prisons/jails) and then the third highest is hospitals.

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