June 11, 2011

Alternate viewer and Mobile versions of FreeBy50

There are now two new ways to view FreeBy50.

Alternate article viewer
There is now a viewer for the blog that just shows the articles.   If you want to read the posts without all the clutter in the right and left columns and without advertisements (as far as I see) then you can use this viewer.   
The alternate viewer is at FreeBy50.com/view  The viewer has a few different ways to look at articles with flipcardsidebar and others.

Mobile version

The mobile version of Freeby50.com is available at Freeby50.com/?m=1
This is a stripped down version of the site that looks a lot better on many smart phones.


  1. That is pretty nice! I wish I could read more sites on my iPod Touch! This is certainly useful for me and smartphone owners!

  2. I like the sidebar view. It helps you zip through the posts quickly. The others feel cumbersome. Big squares and to much to click on to see the posts. I don't like them.


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