June 28, 2011

Discount Magazines at Amazon.com

A while back I got a magazine subscription for my wife for a gift.   After shopping around I got the subscription at Amazon.   They had the best price I could find at the time.  However I had to use their magazine subscription service to qualify for the rate.

They have several popular titles for cheap : Magazines under $12 including $5 off select magazines until July 6th.

Some examples :

Popular Science (1-year auto-renewal) for $7
Marie Claire (1-year auto-renewal) for $5
Country Living (1-year auto-renewal) for $7
Good Housekeeping (1-year auto-renewal) for $7.97

I would also try checking the prices using Ebates to get a 26% cash back at Magazines.com.  Some magazines will be cheaper going that route. 

I usually have 1-2 magazine subscriptions on and off.  I get the subscriptions because I like to have a magazine to read on the plane when I'm traveling and in other such situations.  Generally I've found that I spend a lot less with a discounted subscription than I would spend buying 1-2 magazines at the newsstand at full price.  For this reason magazine subscriptions are a good buy for me. 

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