February 23, 2011

Careers Headed for the Trash Pile

Yahoo carried the Forbes article Careers Headed for the Trash Pile  The full Forbes article is here.

It lists professions which are on the decline.   I think 'trash pile' is a little exaggerated as most of these are not about to disappear entirely.   But these occupations do have decreasing employment numbers and lower demand.

The top 10 on their list are :
Computer Operators
Stage Performers
Postal Service Mail Sorters
Holistic Healers
Office and Administrative Support Workers
Telemarketers and Door-To-Door Salespeople
Photo Processors
Radio Operators

Many of these are outdated things and the decline in employment is expected.   Seamstresses, Radio Operators and Photo processors are generally obsolete fields.

I'm was initially actually surprised that computer operator and office assistant are declining.   But it actually makes sense.  Computer technologies are always getting more centralized, efficient and easier to manage thus requiring fewer operators.   Business efficiencies from technology and cut backs would lead to fewer admins.  I haven't had admin. support at my job for years. 

I question if Carpenter is really a dying profession.   I think they may be confusing the drop in employment from the recession and subsequent decline in new home construction with a decline in the profession.  

Bottom Line:   If you're in one of these fields now or considering entering one then you should be aware that the job may have a limited future demand.

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