January 19, 2011

Ebates Double Cash Deals for St. Valentines

Right now  Ebates has some double cash back deals for St. Valentines.

A selection of the double Cash back rates are :

drugstore.com = 12%
Blue Nile = 5%
FTD florist = 20%
teleflora.com = 20%
Godiva chocolate = 8%
Lancome = 14%

To get the cash back you have to sign up at Ebates  and then use a link from Ebates to visit the merchant before you purchase.

The only merchant on that list that I've ever used is drugstore.com.    12% back at drugstore.com seems like it has the potential for some pretty good bargains.  I'm not exactly sure what drugstore.com has to do with St. Valentines but I won't argue.  

Personally I've found the major florist services to be pretty pricey.   But if you use them then 20% back is certainly worth doing.

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