January 19, 2011

51% cash back on Magazines.com via Ebates

Today Ebates has a daily double promotion for 51% cash back at Magazines.com

Magazines.com has some pretty good prices to begin with and getting 51% cash back on top is a good deal.

I recently bought my wife a subscription of the Oprah magazine as a present and I paid a fairly good sale price of $13 on Amazon.  Now its $18.  Magazines also has it for $18.   With the 51% cash back that would make the net cost only about $9.  So some deals there are pretty good.

But be sure to shop around.  I have a subscription of Businessweek for $20 / year.   Magazines.com price is $50 and even with 51% cash back thats still about $5 more than I'm paying.

One detail to be aware of, I think by default that Magazines.com signs you up for automatic renewal of your subscriptions.   

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