December 21, 2010

Roundup of Favorite Posts on Free By 50 for 2010

I took a look through all my articles this year and picked out a few that I like most.   These posts I consider interesting or noteworthy in various ways.  

Is it Worth It To Pick Up a Penny?
- Do you stop to pick up a penny?  

Living on a Cruise Ship :  Is it Practical?
- Living full time on a cruise ship is a novel way to retire.   But is it actually financially practical?

Why I Pay Over $100 a month for TV
- Many if not most personal finance bloggers seem to have 'cut cable' on their short list of financial advice.  There are plenty of great reasons to cut cable, #1 of which is if you don't watch much TV.  Personally though I feel paying for cable is worth it to us.

Don't Buy A Suit Like I Do
- This is my story of how I bought a suit the wrong way, shopping last minute without a plan.

Retiring In Luxury Overseas For Cheap - Bargain or Bogus?
- It seems that several times a year there will be some sort of article in the mass press about living cheaply overseas.   You have to wonder though, if it was that great then why doesn't everyone want to live there?

Money Can Buy You Happiness
- Yeah thats right.  I said it.

Social Security About to Go Bankrupt For 7th Decade
- A lot of people are convinced that Social Security is doomed.   In that respect nothing has changed in 75 years.

Safely Build Your Own Pension with Bonds and Annuities
- I like the guaranteed income of a fixed defined benefit pension.   But most employees do not have traditional pensions.  Its actually quite easy to create a fixed pension on your own.

DVR's Can Save You Lots Of Time
- I loooooooovve my DVR.

I Like DIY A Little Too Much
- My first inclination when something breaks is is to get out the toolbox.  Sometimes thats not the best choice.

Don't Waste Money On Overpriced Infrared Heaters
- These heaters are often advertised on TV.   I don't think they're nearly as good as they're made to sound.

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