May 18, 2010

Things I'll Buy The Store Brands For and Things I Won't

As a generalization I think you will get usually the best prices if you buy store brands.    I buy store brands for many products and it saves us quite a bit of money.  For some things like over the counter medicines I  think the store brand is a automatic good deal.   However some items I'm basically 'brand neutral' but I lean towards buying brand names as I feel theres lower quality in store brands.   There are also a few brands that I won't budge on and I'll only buy the brand I like.

Store Brands Items that I definitely buy

There are some things that I automatically look for the store brand and am happy to get a store brand  if its cheaper.   For these things I don't really care who makes it and I consider all brands equally equivalent.

Over the Counter Medicines - ibuprofen (Advil), acetaminophen (Tylenol), cough syrup, etc.
Condiments - ketchup, mustard, etc.
Staples - flour, sugar, salt
Kitchen consumables - aluminum foil, paper bags

For all of these items I feel we don't give up any quality by buying a store brand and the prices are lower than brands.

Things I'm Brand Neutral on

For these items I don't exactly look for store brands but I'm not tied to a given brand.  I usually just grab the cheapest item on the shelf.   But I might pick a brand name rather than a store brand more often than not as I assume generally that the brands are 'better' product.

shampoo & conditioner
potato chips
toilet paper
peanut butter

For these items I'm not opposed to store brands but I'm either not sure the store brand is as good or I haven't found store brands that offer good savings for equal quality.

Brands I won't change

For the following items I won't buy anything but the brand in question.   These are just brands that I personally like and have never found good replacements for.

Oreo cookies
Satin floss

For these items I simply can't find any other brands or store brands that are equal in quality.

What brands are you flexible on and what brands are you loyal to?

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  1. We seem to have similar ideas on what we are brand loyal to and not. I only use Oil of Olay (or Aveeno) lotions on my face because I have sensitive skin. I also only use Dove or Oil of Olay bar soap...but can use almost kind of body wash (go figure).

    I have bought store brand evaporated milk....but MUST have Bush's baked beans.

    When it comes to toothpaste and the like I also buy what is on sale so no preferences there.


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