May 27, 2010

Get a Job and Keep It

With news that some jobs are not coming back  I'm sure some people will be looking for new careers and many of us will be trying to hang on to the jobs we have now.   Below are several recent articles from the major news outlets that deal with employment and career advice.

 Be The One Who Gets the Promotion
Has various tips and strategies to help you keep your job in these difficult times.  

Worst-Paying College Degrees
This one gives a short list of the degrees that don't usually get good pay.  I don't think it should be any surprise that these degrees don't get high pay.

The Path To A $100K Career
A short list of careers that can lead to 6 figure pay.   Its certainly not a comprehensive list of jobs that pay well.  But its a list of careers that many people can follow to 6 figures.   They also have a path for people with a bachelors in education which is one of the worst paying degrees listed in the previous article.

Safe, Secure and Super Hot: 10 Sexy Jobs
This one is a list of jobs that might help attract a mate.   I guess in general its a list of stable and well paying jobs and if you have a stable and well paying job that is generally an attractive thing for deciding who to marry.

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