September 16, 2009

Monavie using Scare tactics against Lazy Man and Money

Lazy Man and Money is one of my top 10 favorite blogs. A while ago Lazy Man wrote about the company Monavie with his article Monavie Scam?

Now their lawyer is sending Lazy Man a cease and desist letter trying to get him to remove their name from his article.

I am not a lawyer, but frankly I think their legal argument is horrible. Lazy Man is obviously providing commentary on their product. This has got to qualify as legal use of their trademark. Otherwise how could any news source ever report on any trademarked company? The legal argument from MonaVie appears to hinge on his use of their trademark in his metatags. But metatags are simply descriptive keywords about a site.

MonaVie is apparently hoping that Lazy Man will be scared of a lawsuit and he'll remove their name from his site.

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