September 25, 2009

Eye On the Bailout

The site ProPublica has a page called Eye on the Bailout which tracks all the details of the government bailout funds. They have information on who got the money, how much they got, whether they've paid any back and if they've paid dividends or interest.

How was the money allocated?

There is a full page on the programs which describes all the initiatives and programs that the government had in the bailout. Keep in mind that the money was allocated in a few ways. Some of it was capital investment in banks where the government got preferred stock shares which pay dividends. Parts of the money was in the form of loans which pay a fixed interest.

Who got the money?:

They have a page that lists the recipients of the bailout funds.

For example of one large institution, check out the page for Citigroup. There you can see that there has been a $50B commitment to Citigroup from the government and that Citigroup has paid about $2B so far in dividends or interest. That is a 4% return. Thus far Citi has returned $0 of the money.

Who returned money?

There is a list of companies who have returned funds and how much. So far $71.9B has been returned.

One example is J.P. Morgan Chase which has thus far returned the most at $25B. In fact JPMorgan Chase has returned 100% of the bailout money and paid $795M in dividends and interest. Thats about a 4% annual return on the money.

How much has been paid in interest and dividends?

The dividend and interest payments are listed for all the companies. In total the government had received over $10B in interest and dividends.

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