September 27, 2009

How Much Does Daycare Cost?

Daycare is pretty expensive. How much it costs exactly will vary a LOT depending on where you live and what kind of day care you get. How expensive is it? Lets look at a couple sources:

The NACCRRA did a report on the costs of child care and they say that : "In 2008 average annual price of full time care for an infant in a center ranged from $4,560 in Mississippi to an astonishing $15,895 in Massachusetts."

The site has the average childcare cost at $611 per month and the high end at $300+/week or over $1200 a month.

So there you have it, prices have a wide range with lows in the $400 / month and highs of over $1,300 / month.

Rates for toddlers are lower and if you get care in someones home then that is also usually lower. If you live in a big city with a higher cost of living then the rates will be higher.

To know what it will cost in your area check out a few daycares on the web and see if they post their rates.

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