September 3, 2009

LaserShield - A cheaper home security option

Right now my wife and I have ADT for our home security system. My wife purchased service with ADT for her home before we got married and signed a multi-year contract. When we got married and she moved in with me we just moved the contract over to our current home.

ADT is costing us about $40 a month. This is pretty pricey. Once our current contract is up I'd like to switch to something more reasonably priced.

So I decided to look for alternatives. I went searching on Home Depot for security systems that you can buy and install yourself. That is where I found the LifeShield alarm system. It costs $199 for the basic system at Home Depot.

The basic unit acts as an alarm system for your home. It is advertised as easy to install and setup and it looks like thats the case. There is just a sensor and the base unit and you simply plug in the base unit to AC and phone.

Monitoring is optional and theres no contract. So you can use this as a stand alone unit with no additional costs. If you do want to get the monitoring service then its just $20 a month with no contract. Have I mentioned yet that there is NO contract? I like that a lot. ADT and other services typically lock you into a 3-5 year contract. So you're not just buying an alarm system for $50-$100 promotional price, you're really agreeing to pay them $900 to $1500 over the next 3 years.

Lifeshield seems to have all the features that ADT and the others carry. Here is a breakdown of Lifeshield versus the others. Note that that is marketing material from Lifeshield.

We're locked into our ADT contract for a whiel. So I won't be changing our service anytime soon. But once we are ready to switch I'll be sure to take another look at Lifeshield.

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