September 12, 2008

Special offers from Columbia House DVD

Previously I compared Buying DVDs on ColumbiaHouse vs Amazon and later I asked Is joining the Columbia House DVD club a good deal? Today I'm going to talk more about the sales and special offers you get once you're a Columbia House DVD club member.

If you are a member of Columbia House DVD club you will start to see fairly regular offers with special sales.

In the past couple months here are some of the sales offers I've gotten from Columbia House in my email inbox:

Monday September 8th : 99 DVDs for $9 Each - No Other Purchase Necessary!
August 27th: 1 day only sale Free Shipping plus a Free DVD for Every One You Buy!
August 1st :
Massive Clearance - $5 DVDs (over 300 titles on discount)
July 3rd: Get a FREE DVD For Every 1 You Buy - All July 4th Weekend Long!

So they have a mix of $5-10 sales offers on DVDs and Buy 1 Get 1 free deals.
If you wait for the Buy 1 Get 1 free deals you can essentially get DVDs for 50% off.

The Buy 1 Get 1 free deals are pretty compelling. But how does this compare to just buying DVD's off of Amazon??

Rambo : Columbia House $23, Amazon $18

Juno : Columbia House $23, Amazon $16
Sex and the City : Columbia House preorder $20, Amazon $17 preorder

So the Columbia House movies average $22 and the Amazon movies average $17. Shipping is an extra $2-3 for Columbia House and you can get free saver shipping from Amazon. So total costs on Columbia is about $24.5 per DVD and Amazon is $17. But with a Buy 1 Get 1 Free sale you'd be paying $23 for a DVD and then $5-6 for shipping for a total of $28-29 for 2 DVDs or an average cost of less than $15 per DVD via the sale price.

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