September 4, 2008

Current UpDown performance +3.3%

Total performance is +3.3% which is 7.4% better than S&P 500. I gained 2.5% in August but so far in September its down -1%

I just bought a couple REITs with high yields.

Glimcher Realty Trust (GRT) and HRPT Properties (HRP) GRT was $10.69 market and 12% yield and HRP was $7.62 and 11% yield.

Right now I think REITs are poised for a comeback. The real estate market in general has taken a lot of loses in the past couple years and I think its at a low point. If you buy a REIT today with a low price and relatively high divident yield then you're poised for growth plus good cash flow. Its hard to beat a 10% yield even if the stock price doesn't do so well.

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