September 12, 2008

Best of Blog posts for the week of September 12th

A few notable posts I ran across this past week:

Jim at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity pointed out that WaMu CD Rate Update: 5.00% APY, 12-Month CD Thats a great rate for a CD but be aware that WaMu might be on shaky financial ground lately.

A few folks picked up on a Parade article with 10 tips to get rich from Warrent Buffet. All Financial Matters : Warren Buffett’s 10 Ways to Get Rich, GetRichSlowly : Warren Buffett’s Ten Secrets to Wealth and Life and FiveCentNickel : How to Become a Millionaire - Advice on Getting Rich from the World’s Richest Man

MyMoneyBlog points to a class action lawsuit settlement with the credit reporting bureau Transunion that can get us access to free credit reporting: Reminder: 9 Months of Free Credit Scores + Monitoring

OK, this one is actually from Sept. 4th but I didn't catch it last week... MyMoneyBlog examines the biweekly loan payment options in Biweekly Mortgage Payment Plan: BiSaver vs. Do It Yourself

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