July 14, 2008

Good Book : Investing for Dummies

This is a review of Investing for Dummies by Eric Tyson. I have the 2nd edition copy dated 1999. They are now on the 4th edition and a 5th edition is due out soon.

When I reviewed Small Business for Dummies I commented that I like the Dummies series. Reading a Dummies book doesn't mean you're literally a dummy but its just a conscious admission that you have more to learn on a topic.

Investing for Dummies is by the same guy that wrote Small Business for Dummies. He covers overview and basics of investing as a Dummies book typically handles a topic.

Topics include overview of different types of investments, discussion of risks and rewards, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate and small businesses. The book does a good job of pointing out things to avoid and giving tips on various topics. The books strength is that it covers a broad amount of information on investing from the bottom up. If you're brand new to investing or just know a little then Investing for Dummies is sure to have some valuable information for you.

Here is an interesting tidbit: When discussing risks in investing he points out that 8 times from 1890 to 1999 there were plunges in the stockmarket that 40% or more over 2-5 year periods.

I'd recommend getting a copy of Investing for Dummies if you are new to investing. I'd recommend looking for a more recent version than the one I have since it has gotten a little out of date. Look for the book in your local library or thrift stores.

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