July 22, 2008

Buy an espresso machine for your home to save on coffee

Do you have a frequent coffee habit? If you visit Starbucks or other espresso stands frequently then you could easily be spending $3 to $5 a day on coffee.

Consider buying an espresso machine for use in your home. Amazon has a variety of espresso machines for a range of prices. Smaller units start under $60. If you get a book such as Cappuccino/Espresso: The Book of Beverages from your library or on sale used then you can get some recipes for your favorite coffee drinks too. Or you can scour the web for recipes and guides like How to Make Your Own Cappuccino at home or The Perfect Home Cappuccino.

The cost of making the coffee at home will be pretty minimal and should be less than a dollar. For a cappuccino you might spend 20-40¢ in milk and maybe another 25¢ in coffee. So your total costs to make a cup at home are in the ballpark of $0.50 per cup versus $3 to $5 at a coffee stand. Lets say you paid $100 for an espresso machine and a book and supplies and ended up spending $150 total. If you get coffees daily before work for just $3 each at an espresso stand then it would only take 3 months or so to pay back that in initial cost. In one year you could save yourself $450 by buying a maker and doing it at home versus buying coffee daily before work.

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