August 7, 2016

I've Made $140 In The Past 12 Months With American Express Offers

I've been watching Amex Offers and trying to take advantage of them whenever I see a deal thats useful for me.   In total I've gotten $140 back through the deals in the past 12 months.

I searched my Blue Cash cards activity for the past 12 months August 1 2015 to August 1 2016 and below are all the cash rewards that I've gotten :

Staples = $25
Jet = $20
Boxed = $20
Amazon = $15
Boxed = $15
Jet = $10
T-mobile = $26
Pharmaca = $5
Shutterfly = $4

For the Staples deal I bought a gift card that we'd have used anyway.    The other stores were purchases for items we'd buy normally.  

There are a bunch more offers on my card right now.  Here's a sample :
Olive Garden = Get $10 back for spending $50 or more
Oriental Trading company = Get $10 back for spending $50 or more = Get $80 for spending $500
Gap store brands = Get $10 for spending $50 (in store only)
California Pizza Kitchen = Get $10 for spending $40
Sheraton Hotels = Get $50 for spending $250

You may or may not have those deals.  The offers vary and its YMMV as to who gets which offers.

I doubt I'll use any of those.   The offer is something we might use but I don't think its likely.   The most recent trip we booked didn't have any hotels of interest at AmexTravel in the  city we're going to.


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