April 24, 2016

State to State Migration for July 2014 to July 2015 by Percent Changes

Interested to know how much the state of Illinois, or any other state, shrunk (or grew) last year due to people moving out to another state?    Of course you are.   I got the figures off the Census site for state populations and specifically had to figure the % change due to state to state movement over the state populations.    These are the % changes which are different of course than the total number of people moving.   North Dakota only gained about 10k people but relative to their smallish population thats a 1.3% increase.    Texas gained 170k people but thats only a 0.62% increase to the large existing population.

In total about 760k Americans moved from one state to another.   Only 17 states and D.C. gained people through state to state movement.  

First the biggest movers.


North Dakota 1.32%
Florida 1.00%
Colorado 1.00%
Nevada 0.97%
South Carolina 0.93%

Alaska -1.04%
Illinois -0.82%
New York -0.80%
Connecticut -0.77%
New Jersey -0.73%

Here is the full list alphabetically :

Alabama -0.05%
Alaska -1.04%
Arizona 0.67%
Arkansas -0.04%
California -0.20%
Colorado 1.00%
Connecticut -0.77%
Delaware 0.45%
District of Columbia 0.56%
Florida 1.00%
Georgia 0.33%
Hawaii -0.49%
Idaho 0.42%
Illinois -0.82%
Indiana -0.22%
Iowa -0.13%
Kansas -0.45%
Kentucky -0.17%
Louisiana -0.16%
Maine -0.13%
Maryland -0.41%
Massachusetts -0.32%
Michigan -0.39%
Minnesota -0.22%
Mississippi -0.41%
Missouri -0.14%
Montana 0.51%
Nebraska -0.15%
Nevada 0.97%
New Hampshire -0.09%
New Jersey -0.73%
New Mexico -0.64%
New York -0.80%
North Carolina 0.38%
North Dakota 1.32%
Ohio -0.27%
Oklahoma 0.21%
Oregon 0.86%
Pennsylvania -0.32%
Rhode Island -0.44%
South Carolina 0.93%
South Dakota -0.21%
Tennessee 0.32%
Texas 0.62%
Utah 0.31%
Vermont -0.36%
Virginia -0.28%
Washington 0.57%
West Virginia -0.25%
Wisconsin -0.27%
Wyoming -0.32%


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