April 28, 2016

Home Lot Sizes in the US

The median size of a home lot in the US is 0.25 acres.   This does not include mult-unit housing like apartment complexes, etc.

The data on home lot size is from the American Housing Survey 2013 national tables.

Here is a graph of the size distribution :

(numbers in thousands)

Percentage distributions :

Table form:

size  #
Less than 1/8 acre   16,223
1/8 up to 1/4 acre   25,008
1/4 up to 1/2 acre   16,841
1/2 up to 1 acre  10,199
1 up to 5 acres   20,593
5 up to 10 acres   3,117
10 acres or more   4,177

I live in an area with relatively small lot sizes where most lots are 1/8 acre or less.   So I'm a little surprised that most home lots are larger.   But I'm not especially surprised.   Where I grew up our neighborhood was full of lots in the 5-10 acre size range and I think a lot of people had 1/4 acre size lots in the city boundary.


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