May 13, 2015

SaveUp Mystery Choice Rewards

* Note that the options have changed after I write this. 

I just got a "Mystery Choice" reward at SaveUp using my rewards stamps.   In fact I did it twice and got the same 4 choices.   Currently the reward options are :

  1. $50 eGift card when you make a purchase at Hotwire
  2. 40% off basic custom t-shirt from vistaprint
  3. $5 egift card for a $1 in store purchase at Peet's Coffee & Tea
  4. $10 off at

I don't consider #1 much of a deal as it requires buying via Hotwire which isn't something most of us are doing much.   Plus gift cards are easy to get for cheap via promotions.

40% off is the same sale that vistaprint has right now using a promo code so thats nothing special.   Though that promo seems to expire today, they also have 25% off for t-shirts that lasts longer and sales and promotions on vistaprint are the norm.

The last 2 options are OK.

$5 Amazon card for buying a cup of coffee is a good deal.  You do have to synch with a Visa and use your visa for the purchase it seems.

$10 off at is OK too.  They have reasonable prices.   But it seems you have to go through their link to use the $10 and it looks like you can't stack promo codes. has a 25% off promo code with free shipping and Ebates has 16% cashback at Shoebuy so I am pretty sure you can usually beat the straight $10 off with other offers.

Choice #3 seems to be the winner but is only useful if you'd make a purchase at Peet's & Amazon, but thats not hard to do.  I'd consider $5 at Amazon worth cash (for my uses) and basically amounts to a free coffee at Peet's.

edit : May 14th, I checked again the next day and they had the same set of 4 rewards, so it seems the rewards do not change often if at all.

*second edit : May 18th.  I redeemed a mystery reward again today and found that the reward options had changed.     The 1st and 4th options changed to 20% off at Proflowers and 100 free business cards at Vistaprint.  The 2nd and 3rd options  remained the same.
May 27: I checked again and the rewards were the same as the 18th.

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