March 24, 2015

Free Vegas Stuff by Playing MyVegas Slots app

For a while now I've played the game MyVegas Slots on FaceAndroid app for MyVegas Slots is on Google Play.  Its just a simple time killing slot machine game.   Every time I play slots I end up losing all my money in varying speeds, so I prefer to play it on a free game like a Facebook or Android app.    An extra reason to play MyVegas Slots is that you can earn Loyalty points that can be redeemed for actual Vegas services or goods.    I just had a run of good luck this afternoon and piled up around 2500 Loyalty points and got over the 10k point threshold which gets me into the territory of some rewards that are actually meaningful.

It has taken me a while of playing the game to hit the point that my loyalty points are actually worth some more meaningful rewards.   But if you've got some time to kill and like playing slots games then why not?     You can get some meaningful rewards once you hit the 5000 to 10,000 point level but free rooms seem to start around 15k points.   With the free rooms they don't list all the terms an I suspect that you have to pay taxes and fees which can be substantial.

Here are some example rewards you can earn with loyalty points :

1500 points = companion ticket for Cirque Du Soleil Zarkana show= $80
4500 points = 2 for 1 breakfast buffet at Excalibur = $17.99
5000 points = $15 credit at The Mirage Pantry Noon-6AM = $15
6000  points = Las Vegas Monorail 1 day pass = $12 (sold out)
11000 points =  Las Vegas Monorail 2 day pass = $22
11,500 points = Lunch at Mandalay Bay Bayside Buffet = $21.99
15,000 points = midweek room comp at Excalibur = $28-78 (taxes/ fees probably extra)
21,000 points = lunch or breakfast for 2 people at Feast Buffet at Palace Station = $13.98
21,500 points =  Las Vegas Monorail 5 day pass = $43
52,500 points = midweek room at The Mirage = $68-$324  (lots of black out dates and you might owe $29 resort fee)

I should point out that the value of some of the rewards may be a little dubious.   For example there are a lot of 2-for-1 deals or companion ticket deals in the cheaper rewards.   Its not hard to find coupons or discounts for 2-for-1 type discounts in Vegas so cashing out loyalty points for that might not really be a great deal if you can just get the same discount for free elsewhere. 

Things like straight cash credits, monorail tickets, room comps and free buffet meals have more direct value.    Free buffet meals seem like good deals to me.   But even there you have to check the value, it seems that the 2 person buffet deal at Palace Station is only worth about $14 but costs 21,000 loyalty points but you can get a Mandalay Buffet for just 11,500 points that normally costs $22.   So spend 23,000 loyalty points on two of those and you get two buffets that are valued at $44.  

Note:  I am not getting any commissions or compensation for this article and there aren't any referral links here. 

Addendum added April 8th:   I wanted to update this to add some points.

Do not buy chips in the MyVegas game.   The game frequently prompts you to buy chips and if it isn't obvious, that is not a good deal.   The idea here is to get stuff for FREE not pay for chips.
You're not going to make a lot of free bonuses playing this game and it will take time to build up chips.  I played for a few months before I hit enough points to get a decent reward. 
If you like playing slots games like this then this might be a fun way to get some free Vegas stuff.  Otherwise I'd recommend spending your time elsewhere.
I play on Facebook and the android app works differently.  I tried the app but it didn't work well on my phone.
You can use the auto spin method and let the game play multiple spins while you're busy doing something else, that helps move things along.
You'll do best if you play a few minutes a day and make sure to cash in all your free chips from your buildings.  

Update May 7th:   After about 6 more weeks of playing the game pretty regular I"m now up to 40k points.     I usually have the game playing in a separate browser window while I'm doing other things and then just use autospin and check once in a while to click ok.

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