March 3, 2015

Credit Card Balance Transfer Deals Available To Me

Years ago it seemed that I'd get frequent offers in the mail for 0% credit card balance transfers.   I never used them as I had no balances to transfer at that point.   But they can be good ways to get 0% interest on a balance for a period (usually 12-18 months).   More lately the credit card companies have been charging minimum % fee for the transfers so its not really 0% interest since you have to pay the fee.   I get offers in the mail still but the fine print details these fees.  

I thought I'd compare and list all the balance transfer deals I see for the cards I currently have.

Here are the deals that I found on my current credit cards:

Barclay :
0% until 3/5/15, 3% or $10
This looks like its almost expired.   But I'm not sure if it just means the 0% only lasts a couple more days or if the deal is only available a couple more days. 

Chase :
No offers available

Citi :
0.99% for 16 months, $5 or 4%
0% for 13 months, $10 or 5%

Costco Amex :
No offers found

Discover :
0% promo for 18 months.  3% fee, $10 min
4.99% for 21 months, 0% fee, min $10

Fidelity Amex :
0% for 18 months, 4% or $10
1.99% for 21 months, 4% or $10

The best deals I've got are are 3% fees.    Still thats pretty cheap interest for money on an annual rate.
If I needed a bridge loan for a year or so then this might be a decent way to do it.


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