January 8, 2015

You CAN Make 6 Figures As A Welder (... if you work 80 hours a week)

While skimming the headlines this morning I saw this article from the Wall Street Journal :
The $140,000-a-year welding job

And I figured it was another one of those articles touting high paying jobs that don't really exist.   Or if they do exist are special cases.    But I had to read 2/3 into the article to find the real answer on this one and its simple, the welder in question Mr. Friend : "... typically works 72 hours a week" and "His base pay is more than $25 an hour..."

I think its a bit misleading to have a title for an article like that and then bury the detail that he works 72 hrs a week.     Thats like working 2 jobs.     Most people working hourly jobs with overtime can make a lot of money but few jobs have that kind of opportunity for overtime.  

Then theres also this little detail, his employer "sent Mr. Friend to work for a month on an oil project in Ghana".    People willing to travel can often find better compensation.  I don't know much of anything about Ghana but it doesn't appear to either much of a hot tourist destination nor a warzone.
Welding can be a pretty good job.   Its got pretty fair wages and it can be  in fairly high demand.   Overtime can be common as well.   So I don't fault the idea that welding can be a pretty well paid job, I think that the fact that you'd have tow work 72 hrs a week to get that $140,000 is very key and shouldn't be buried in the 2nd page of the article.

I think the real message of the article is that : If you work a ton of overtime then you can make good money.    But thats not news.


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  1. For average-joe-jane their normal paycheck will be eaten up by normal living expenses.

    One key to get to financial freedom kingdom is to know that it is possible to get there by working like a slave for several years to earn huge extra income, but save that extra income to build capital to reach the kingdom.

    Central points are you must work like a slave (like the welder above 72h week) and don't inflate your living expenses. I havent been to Ghana either, if it is a place no tourists want to go, it is even better.



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