January 25, 2015

UpDown Performance for 2014

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Once in a while I remember that I have an Updown portfolio.  Quite a while ago back in 2008 I started my portfolio at Updown and then I played and tracked my stocks pretty regularly for a while.   Then I got busy, lazy, forgot, and then I neglected it.   The portfolio has been sitting there since without any active trades for a while.

My annualized return 11%
Total performance + 77.8%

Monthly and total performance for 2014 :

Freeby50 S&P 500 diff.
Jan-14 -1.9% -3.6% 1.7%
Feb-14 1.3% 4.3% -3.0%
Mar-14 2.7% 0.7% 2.0%
Apr-14 0.5% 0.6% -0.1%
May-14 0.3% 2.1% -1.8%
Jun-14 0.6% 1.9% -1.3%
Jul-14 0.3% -1.5% 1.8%
Aug-14 2.5% 3.8% -1.3%
Sep-14 -1.70% -1.60% -0.1%
Oct-14 -0.20% 2.30% -2.5%
Nov-14 2.40% 2.40% 0.0%
Dec-14 2.10% -0.40% 2.5%
Cumulative 9.10% 11.20% -2.1%

Again I got beat by the index.  

My portfolio returned 9.1% in the year and the S&P500 gained 11.2%.

My portfolio wasn't build for a buy and hold strategy initially.   Maybe if I'd set out to have a long term buy and hold portfolio I might have done better, but I really don't know.   As it is, my portfolio wasn't setup so that it would be safe to let it sit neglected for years.

There isn't any real point to this now.   I'm honestly just tracking it out of curiosity sake to see how a neglected portfolio of stocks might perform over the years.

Cash in my account is now up to about 16% of my holdings.   Thats not intended and has happened due to dividend payouts going straight into cash and then sitting there doing nothing.     I figure that if I'd have been fully invested then my return would have been ~0.7% better give or take.

In my current portfolio my best pick is now WDC which is up 156%.   I paid 41.82 in April 2011 and its now at 106.37   Updown says my worst is SB which is down 33%.  But its a little complex and I'm not sure its as simple as Updown thinks.  I bought some, sold some and then bought some.   For the stock I bought it cost me 8.09 and now its down to 3.75.  However I sold some of my holdings at 9.60.

I also did pretty well with HPT.  I originally bought at 10.08 in  Oct '08.   I then sold most of it off for 20-26 range from Dec. '09 to April '10.   I more than doubled my money in that time period and I still have about 10% of the shares I originally bought currently trading at $32.71.

I've got other stocks in my trading history that I no longer own like HOG and others.   But I'd have to go do more research to see what all I traded in and how they performed.  I know I nearly doubled my money in HOG.

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