January 11, 2015

Auto Maker Market Shares for 2014

It seems to me that where I live there are a lot of Japanese cars on the road.   But in actuality the big 3 US brands are still mostly dominant.  It was not that long ago that Toyota passed Chrysler and Ford & GM are still the biggest sellers.

WSJ has data on auto maker market share.    I took the YTD figures for 2014 and made the chart below.  

8 names control the vast majority of the market but its pretty spread around between them. 

If you look at the major area the car makers are from then this is how its split up :

I'm a bit surprised the European brands don't have more of the market.   But I think those brands are more popular among my co-workers so I a higher % of them in our parking lot.  Or maybe I just see more ads about them then actually see cars on the road.


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