October 7, 2014

Most Commented Articles on Free By 50

I think that the number of comments an article draws is one way to measure how interesting an article is.   Below I list the articles that I've written that have had the most commentary.

History of new car costs and average inflation

Historical price of silver

 Step by Step guide to Get Your Free Annual Credit Report

Washing Dishes is Cheaper than Buying Paper Plates

Costco Fuel Temperature Class Action Lawsuit : What does it mean?

Yet Another Example of Bad Cash Value Life Insurance Performance

If you Can't get A's & B's in High School Then Don't Go to College
 This one seemed to upset some people who were mediocre high school students..

Is UPS Driver a Good Job?
 There have been several UPS drivers/employees commenting to share their personal experiences.

Teacher Pay vs Median Incomes by State
Some people thought I had an agenda on this one, but I didn't.

Living on a Cruise Ship : Is it Practical?

Surviving on Minimum Wage? : An Example Budget
Of course this draws the immediate 'its not possible' responses from people living in NYC or S.F.

High School GPA versus College Success
For some reason this attracted people to say they were different.

Suze Orman Smacks Down Dave Ramsey
I'd like to see those 2 in a bare knuckle fight.   They could charge $50 for PPV.

How Many Ads Are We Exposed to Daily??

Should You Sell a House at a Loss or Rent it Out?

Car Depreciation Over Time

Everybody Isn't Moving to Texas... Kinda

I don't get a lot of comments on my articles usually.   A post with a dozen comments is unusual for me.  I think part of it is how poorly designed this blog software is, it makes it hard to even see where the comment link is.   I haven't found a way to fix that other than migrating to entirely new software which is not a task I feel like tackling.


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