September 9, 2014

Spending $7 a Year on a TV I Don't Use

About six years ago now I wrote about saving money with a smart power strip.    One of the details in that article was "The 19" TV uses 8 watts while off."     I've still got that 19" TV.   We don't really use it.  But its been moved to another location and is no longer plugged into that smart power strip.   So it sits there doing nothing day after day collecting dust.   Its almost always plugged in because .. well I'm just lazy or forgetful and don't remember to flip off the power strip on/off button.   My wife occasionally watches DVDs on it as well so she might turn it on once in a great while.  Though I can't recall when she watched one down on that TV.   We've got a 55" TV in our media room so theres little reason for watching a movie on the 19" TV.

That 19" ancient CRT I've had for around 20 years now is costing me about $7 a year in electricity while its off.    8 watts power usage while off is going to add up to about $7 in electricity for a year.

8 watts x 24 hours in a day x 365 days = 70,080 Watt hrs x 10¢ per kWh = $7

I should really get rid of that old TV.  Or at least unplug it.


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