September 23, 2014

5% Cash Back Promo Credit Card Categories for Q4 2014

The next quarters 5% promotional rates for my credit cards are : 
Discover : Online Shopping & Department stores
Chase :,, and "select department stores" including stuff like JcPenney, Kohls, Macys, Nordstrom, Sears.   (No Target or Walmart or warehouse clubs)
Citibank : BestBuy, Department Stores, Toy Stores

Some good stuff there.   Discovers 'online shopping' is usually the best 5% category of the year since it covers any online shopping site.  I believe exceptions are things like money transfer like Paypal or utility payments.    Plus theres plenty of coverage for department stores if we decide to do some shopping at department stores.   We don't buy too much at that kind of store but something might come up particularly with Xmas shopping on the horizon.

Citibank has a $300 annual cap on the cashback.  Discover and Chase applies to $1500 per quarter in purchases.


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