April 11, 2014

$5 off $30, $10 off $50 or $25 off $100 at Living Social + 10% cash back at Discover

Promo codes for Living social :

$5 off $30 = 5OFF30
$10 off $50 = TENFOF50
$25 off $100 = 25OFF100

 These are good till April 13th at 11:59PM PDT

You can also get 10% cashback via Shop Discover right now.
You may need to use the link specific to the promos on Discover to get credit for both the promo codes and the 10%.  (note that Discover deal does not apply to some things like takeout or delivery)

Combined the discounts and 10% would give you :
$30 - $5 = $25 - 10% = $22.5 for $30
$50 - $10 = $40 - 10% = $36 for $50
$100 - $25 = $75 - 10% = $67.50 for $100

Or if you don't have a Discover card you can get 3% cashback at Ebates plus any cashback from any other credit card.

Some examples of potential good deals  on LivingSocial right now
$24 of product at LuckyVitamin for $12.   (I already bought this one myself)
1 month of Match.com, a $43 value, for $15
$50 worth of custom wall art at Photobin for $15   (Never mind this is overpriced)

$30 worth of flowers from Proflowers for $15

I don't know if all these deals are national or not, so you'll have to search for what you want in your area.

Make sure to read the terms and fine print on either shopping portal.

* Standard Ebates blurb:To get the cash back you need to be signed up with Ebates.  Then simply go to Ebates to get the referral to the the store before you do your shopping.  I also get a referral bonus if you use my links to sign up with Ebates

-- This article may contain referral links which pay this site a commission for purchases made at the sites.

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