March 26, 2014

5% Cash Back Promo Credit Card Categories for Q2 2014

Here is the list for Q2 (April - June) :

Chase : Restaurants, Lowe's Home improvement stores
Discover : Home improvement, furniture stores, Bed Bath & Beyond
Citi : Home furnishing stores, Home & Garden Stores, The Home Depot

Restaurants for Chase is definitely the best item on the list this quarter for us.   We don't spend as much on restaurants anymore but it is still one of our larger budget categories.

I don't have any specific plans or need to spend money on home improvement right now so the Home Depot and Lowe's items aren't as exciting for me.   However I might consider buying a gift card for one or the other to lock in that 5% right now, as I know its only a matter of time till I do need to spend some money at Home Depot.    But I'm not really sure if thats worth the bother as I don't really want to lock up money in gift cards too much.


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