January 10, 2014

5% Cash Back Categories for Q1 2014

I now have three different credit cards with rotating 5% bonus categories.    For Q1 of 2014 the bonus categories are :

Citibank Dividend : Macy's, drugstores and fitness clubs
Discover : Restaurants and movies
Chase Freedom : Gas stations, movies and Starbucks

I might be able to buy some Amazon gift cards at drugstores to cash in 5% discount through the Citi card.  I'm not 100% sure they sell Amazon cards but I can check.

We really don't go to restaurants and movies all that much any more but if we do then I will try to remember to use the Discover card.

Gas stations is a good category from the Chase card.   My wife goes to Starbucks occasionally too so she can use that one but it won't amount to that much since the purchases are usually under $5.


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