October 17, 2013

Buy 1 : 1,000,000 th Share of a Football Player

For $10 a share you can buy ownership in the profit of Arian Foster.    You can read the S-1 filing on the investment deal for details.  One share will entitle you to your portion of 20% of Fosters earnings.    Sounds like fun if you're a Foster fan but it doesn't look like a great investment to me.   NFL careers are risky and can be cut short at a moments notice.   I wouldn't invest in a single NFL player since its putting all your eggs in a single risky basket financially speaking.  Foster is a very talented player so its not like betting on a random average player, but the risk is still pretty high.

This kind of investment is apparently allowed by the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (JOBS).   I'm not sure if this kind of novelty speculation is what they really had in mind.   Hopefully this kind of thing will be seen for what it is :  a novelty.   I don't expect this kind of investment will get much serious consideration or be treated as a serious investment.   But who knows.


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