May 6, 2013

Save1 : Save Money and Feed Children

There are a lot of sites out there that share coupon codes and promo codes for  online merchants.   If I'm making a large purchase on the internet I will often try and find a promo code or coupon.   Usually those sites are just freely sharing information and I assume they either get a commission kickback from me following their link and/or they make money of ad revenue.

A new site named has a dual purpose of both giving you a coupon so you save money and helping to feed children.   Every time you use a coupon off Save1 they provide a meal to a child in need.

Usually I just randomly find coupons online and I haven't had any preference for one website over the other.   If you're going to use sites like that then why not use one that has a charity function as well.  You get a coupon and a child gets a meal.   Good deal right?

Save1 is pretty straight forward and easy to use.   You just go to the site, search for the merchant you are interested in and applicable coupons will come up.   You then click on the 'use this offer' link for the coupon in question and thats it.  Easy.   For example, I went to Save1, searched for 'sears' and a bunch of coupons like $5 off $50 and others came up.    If theres a promo code then you may have to enter that in checkout.

For more information they have a Children Feeding FAQ and a Coupons/Offers FAQ    You can also read their Getting Started eGuide online.    Save1 is a for profit enterprise so they are trying to make an income off the site too.  Thats OK with me.    You can either pick a website that keeps all the money or you can chose to use Save1 and they'll feed a child. 

Note : This is not a paid endorsement.   However when I told Save1 that I was going to write an article about them they said they would send 100 more meals to children. 


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