May 3, 2013

Best of Blogs for Week of May 3rd

Every Friday afternoon I share some of the more interesting or notable posts that I have seen in the personal finance blogs and other sources for the past week

DoughRoller talks about Homebuying Programs for Low-Income Families

DQYDJ created a Crude Oil Price Return Calculator – Brent and West Texas Intermediate
So now you can finally figure the inflation adjusted compound growth rate of those barrels of West Texas crude oil you bought back in the 90's.

DQYDJ also asks Why Don’t You Buy That Used?

The Big Pictures shares the Cheapest ETFs for Any Investment Objective

AP article via Yahoo reports that about 20% of Vegas cabbies ripped off customers Audit: Vegas Taxis Overcharged $15M to Airport



  1. Always enjoy your Friday roundup, Jim R., thanks always for doing the legwork. That classic Ford Mustang in the "Why Don't You Buy That Used?" post is a real creampuff. The article, and American attitudes about buying 'used', reminds me of a classic scene from "Desperately Seeking Susan". Housewife Rosanna Arquette is trying to get some 'edge', and buys a vintage jacket described as "once owned by Bob Dylan." She comes home, tells her husband about her day and how excited she is about the jacket "once owned by Jimi Hendrix." Her Yuppie husband, not getting it at all, replies, "You bought a used jacket?!?!! What? Are we poor?!?!!" Hahahaaaa!!! Nice~! Have a great weekend!

  2. All I've got left is the WTI - an untended drip rusted through my barrel of Brent!


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